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Manufactured Homes, Flat and Metal Roofs


There are many different types and styles of flat roofs, but regardless of this, the process is effectively the same. The roof is washed using a special blend of chlorine based germicidal cleaners. Once the roof is clean and all bacteria has been eradicated, the low spots that hold water are filled in or raised to shed unwanted water. The seams on the roof are sealed and treated using a three part bonding process with fiberglass mesh and adhesive grade coatings. A clear base coat is applied in order for the elastic coat to have a smooth, bondable surface. The stage two coat is then generously applied to a specified thickness. This coat is typically an Energy-Star rated polar white for maximum solar reflectivity. Cash rebates are available from most power companies - up to $15,000 per building! Any areas that could potentially hold small amounts of standing water are coated with a siliconized product as an added protective layer against blistering and peeling. Once these layers are applied, a hydro-phobic, clear top coat is added for UV protection and mold and mildew resistance. A crew can typically complete 3,000 to 4,000 square feet per day. 



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