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Tile Roof Restoration Overview


A thorough germicidal cleaning.


Application of siliconized sealants for prevention and repair.


Areas vulnerable to water intrusion receive special treatment and attention


Broken or cracked tiles are repaired or replaced, existing tiles re-aligned.


Valleys and ridges are reshaped to increase water flow.


Waterproofing sealers are applied over 100% of the roof surface.


Silicone primers are applied to prevent blistering or peeling of the color coat.


Application of the luxurious color coat from a selection of 3,000 colors


Color coat is a UV protector and is chemically bonded to maintain rich color.


The final step: Application of Liqua-Roof LRX protective clear top coat. It is hydro-phobic so water beads and runs off your roof.

Optional sealing of your roof’s underlayment with our “PLUG” Patent pending system. 

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